The Forum for Governance and Justice (FGJ) says it is not surprised about the dismissal of the Attorney General, Martin Amidu.

According to convener of FGJ Dr. Apaak, the A-G’s inability to substantiate his allegation that some people in the government are committing “gargantuan crime” against the state caused his dismissal.

Dr. Apaak noted, people outside the government can make certain pronouncements and go scot free, “but for a whole Chief Prosecutor like the A-G cannot make pronouncements that people are committing crime of gargantuan proportion without substantiating, its uncalled for”.

He maintained that the President did no mistake by sacking Martin Amidu.

“If indeed the press release from the castle indicated he was unable to substantiate those allegations before the President of the Republic of Ghana, then I don’t think we can fault the President for the decision that he has made”, Dr. Apaak said.

Dr. Clement Apaak who is also a Lecturer at the Ghana School of Law was speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem on Friday in reaction to the dismissal of the Attorney General by President Mills.

President Mills on Thursday 19th January 2012 sacked the embattled Attorney General and the Minister for Justice when he failed to substantiate his claims that some people in the government are committing gargantuan crimes.

Dr. Apaak maintained that prosecution of cases in the interest of the State, is a matter of trust and if the AG was not truthful to the President, it will be difficult for him (President Mills) to work with the A-G.

“These are matters of trust, if the President felt that he could not trust his A-G to be candid with him, then I would have been found wanting to understand why he would keep him as his Chief Prosecutor and legal advisor”, Dr. Apaak noted.

The law lecturer asserted that “the A-G’s dismissal will not affect the ongoing investigations and the lead to get to the bottom of this whole Woyome issue”.

Dr. Apaak reiterated the call for the Attorney General’s position to be separated from the Justice Ministry.

Meanehile, the Director of Communications of the NPP, Nana Akomea argued that Martins Amidu’s dismissal confirmed the assertion that President Mills is condoning corruption in his administration.

Nana Akomea explained that Martin Amidu indicated his preparedness to retrieve the GHC 58 Million judgement debt paid to Alfred Woyome, but because the NDC is in support of Woyome “looting state funds”, he had been dismissed.


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