While many people in Ghana are worried over the imposition of tax on condoms, Dr. Edward Larbi-Siaw, a tax policy consultant at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning has assured Ghanaians that the 1% levy placed on condoms will not affect the prices of condemns in the country.

The issue about condom tax in Ghana sparked controversies among the public with some saying “the move could undermine the fight against HIV/AIDS and other STDs”

Meanwhile he clarified that “condoms that come through the Ministry of Health and donors like the Bill Gates Foundation, USAID and other official channels, although included in the schedule imports will be exempted.”
Dr. Larbi-Siaw explained that the tax is a 1% percent levy placed on all imports including condoms.

He added that the taxation in general is to stabilize the economy, however if this is not done the country’s currency will depreciate and will affect all commodities including condoms.

The Consultant stated that Laws are made in general so that there are not too many loopholes however with socially defendable projects including condoms, mechanism are employed to reduce effects on them.