“Will you marry me?’’That’s one single, but most expecting question women wish to hear, at least, once in their lifetime.

Akwasi Antwi, a staff at the Kumasi office of the Driver and Licensing Authority goes on his knees and pulls out a beautiful ornamented ring while he stretches out to reach for Josephine Nana Yaa Fosuaa’s finger.

With a broad smile, he dropped the proverbial question ‘will you marry me?

An overwhelmed Josephine craned her hand out in acknowledgement, amid surprise on her face. She managed a giggle-then laughter and went speechless for a moment.

The countenance on the face of the 22-year old nurse suggested she was in dreamland.

‘’Yes, I will’’ was a response Akwasi anticipated more likely than anything else but it never came directly.

Perhaps, the saying, ‘silence is golden or, better still, silence means consent’ seems to have stuck the ‘Yes, I will’, on her lips as she accepted the proposal.

Not the usual answer one will get in such instances, Josephine rather opted for a kiss, prompting a spontaneous standing ovation from many couples, amid prolonged applause.

“Wow’’, ‘’I am surprised he did this before all these people”, she told me in an interview minutes after wards.

Richard Adofo Frimpong who has dated his lady for just a year followed suit, as though he had been handed a baton in 200x 4 relay at the Olympics.

In similar fashion, he knelt down and proposed to her. She accepted this time round to Richard’s relief, as a first proposal on the 10th of February had elicited no response.

“I felt this was the right time to get an answer so I had to do it again”, Richard later explained.

Amid cheers, the Plush Royal Lamerta Hotel went gaga as though one was watching a scene from one of the Telenovela series on TV.

The married, also had the opportunity to show how much they cherished and loved their partners with sweet words and gestures in the full glare of other patrons.

Even after over four hours of performances, walking hand- in- hand with his husband to-be, Josephine seemed not to have woken up to the reality.

“I still can’t believe this has happened.  He is a shy person. This really calls for celebration”. She basked in excitement.

Shy or not shy, Richard and Akwasi mustered courage and made the most out of the Luv  FM Chocolate Concert on Valentine’s Day to ‘deliver’ the magic words  every woman cherish so much from men they adore.

They walked to the event grounds to have fun but ended up breaking ground to kick-start what is believed to be a life-long journey -marriage.

Though intended to celebrate love with good music and dance, the Luv FM Chocolate Concert became a fertile ground for marriage proposals.

Patrons were treated to good music and stage craft by upcoming George Spratz who set the stage for the night.

Then came sensational hi-life musician, Kofi B, to dish out beautiful songs to wow the crowd, preparing the way for ‘Mr. Versatile’, Okyeame Kwame.

He took patrons on a rollercoaster ride with some of his hit songs to climax the event.

Valentine’s Day, 14th February, at the gardens of the Royal Lamerta Hotel indeed spelt the meaning of love.

Singles who trooped to the venue to have a bite of the fun obviously saw reason to love and, certainly, do it in a better way.