Former Deputy Speaker, Kenneth Dzirasah has cautioned MPs against actions that could cause an unstable atmosphere in the 8th Parliament.

He observed that should the MPs display “what we have seen in the picture, relating to the type of turmoil that we saw in the Russian…” the next Parliament will be in adversity.

“The truth of the matter is that the way the ratios are turning out now, it is likely to create a very volatile atmosphere within the House.”

Speaking on Joy News’ PM: Express, he recalled an incident in Russian in which “Members of Parliament converted seats and even their microphones into a missile and they literally exchanged fights.”

He fears the country may face the same in the absence of a collaborative force in the 8th Parliament.

“They turned the floor into a boxing arena, I bet this should not happen.”

His comment comes after the Minority in Parliament on Wednesday evening occupied the seats of the Majority in Parliament creating some sort of misunderstanding in the House.

The Former Deputy Speaker noted, “It is very grave and I am not behaving like a prophet of doom but this is how these things start and then they rollover effect is to create the condition of ungovernability and then at the end of the day we start falling on the pieces and asking what has happened.”

Meanwhile, MP for Wa Central, Rashid Pelpuo said the decision by his colleague NDC MPs was in the right direction.

“When you enter into the Chamber first, you decide where to sit and that’s exactly what we have done, we have chosen to sit at the right-hand side of the Speaker.”

According to him, the country’s constitution does not indicate where one sits in parliament.

 “Even when you are the Majority, it is only conversational that you sit at the right hand of the Speaker, there is nothing law about it, and no legal instrument spells that out.”