Freda Ocran

Freda Ocran was a former head nurse and nurse educator at Jacobi Medical center in the Bronx, New York.

As the Coronavirus spread, she posted this picture on Facebook and wrote, “I can’t stay home. I am a health worker.”
Four days later, she was admitted to the hospital.

Joseph, her husband for thirty years says they came from Ghana in West Africa together.
She worked while he got his nursing degree. Then he helped her go to school to become a nurse.


“She’s my everything,” he said.
“My wife, my friend, my advisor,” he added.

“My mum was a pretty awesome person,” Kwame the oldest of their three children remembers.

She gave herself undoubtedly to the church, to her work and her kids.
“Anything you could say about a saint, you could say about mum.”

Freda Ocran was fifty.