Rumours had been roaring silently since the Sunyani congress and rearing their ugly and unsure heads from time to time, but some of us—I in particular—never believed in any of them. It had always been my personal, parochial opinion that anyone or group of people who break away from a major mother party to form a new one must all be sorry dimwits.

Now, I have to change this silly mindset of mine. I rate Rawlings and wife as being people of above-average intelligence and thus, their deciding to form a new party must rather be an act of desperation or a necessary touch for the good of Ghanaian politics or the NDC party. They can’t be dimwits.

Wondering why such a settled supposition? Here are my takes.

On one hand, the Rawlings family and their former honchos of the NDC are either so much in hate with the Atta Mills-led Government; so much so that they are prepared to stoop low to the extent of forming a worthless party with a worthlessly subtle name, which will take a few significant votes away from Mills and render him the first single-term president in Ghanaian politics.

On the other hand, the Rawlings family and their former buddies of the NDC are either truly interested in sustaining this new party and making it a major player in Ghanaian politics in the years to come.

But I don’t want to believe this to be the case.

I am more inclined to believe that they are out to make Mills the first single-term President in Ghanaian politics. And they may succeed if they are able to take enough votes away from him come December, 2012 unless they are not interested in fielding a presidential candidate.

Who will their presidential candidate be by the way? Will it be the sour loser? Will it be the woman who thinks of herself so much so that she couldn’t wait until 2016 to storm Ghanaian politics?

And I wonder if she is familiar with the name Paa Kwesi Nduom? That’s the name of a man who is a nice guy but wasn’t a true leader enough to know that sometimes, a leader should play servant and allow others to lead. True leaders are humble and think thrice before pushing political buttons to commit political suicide.

I personally will stop reading newspapers for a week if the PPP gets more than 1% of total votes cast in December, 2012. And I will stop logging onto the internet for a week if the worthlessly named NDP gets more than 3%.

Yes. I call it worthlessly named because one of their aims is to confuse people into mistaking the NDP for NDC. And we could even start a conspiracy theory here: if Mills loses, the Rawlingses get “their party” back and the NDP gets dismantled and assimilated into the original party.

Whatever the reasons, whatever the outcomes; this is a political move forward which is destined and bound to misfire backward. The only positive outcome will be the NDC losing and the Rawlingses getting their party back. That’s probably what they are aiming for anyway.