Mr Stefano Gallini (Right), hands over cement allocation chit to a rep of a beneficiary Institution.

The leading cement manufacturer, Ghacem Limited says plans are far advanced to construct a new cement factory to be situated in Kumasi to boost the supply of the product.

Managing Director of Ghacem, Stefano Gallini who disclosed this said the project, estimated at a cost of $100 million is aimed at making the company more present in the Northern part of the country especially Kumasi as a commitment to invest more in Ghana with three factories; Tema, Takoradi and Kumasi.

Mr Stefano Gallini was speaking at the Ghacem Cement Foundation Northern Sector ceremony held in Kumasi.

The Ghacem Cement Foundation was established by Ghacem Limited in 2002 as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) to assist deprived communities to improve their health and educational infrastructure or build new ones.

The Northern Sector donation is the last of the two distributions which has been carried out by the Company this year under its Ghacem cement foundation initiative.

30,200 bags were approved by the council this year to be distributed to health and educational institutions across the country grouped into Southern (Central, Western, Western North, Volta, Oti, Eastern and Greater Accra Region) and Northern (Northern, North East, Savannah, Upper East, Upper West, Bono East, Bono, Ahafo and Ashanti Region) sectors as a support package for the institutions which are currently undertaking various infrastructural projects.

13,600 bags were given to the Northern sector beneficiaries at the Kumasi event whilst a total of 15,400 bags were donated to selected health and educational institutions captured under the Southern sector at a ceremony held in Takoradi a month ago.

Mr Gallini said the company was delighted to lend support towards infrastructural development in deprived communities of the country.

“Ghacem is committed to its staff, cherished customers and the country as a whole, as such we will not compromise on the cement quality but continue to produce products of high quality to support projects and businesses.”

Ehunabobrim Prah Agyensaim VI, Chairman of the foundation observed the foundation as a true benevolent program that has contributed immensely towards the health and educational infrastructure in deprived communities of the country.

He described the beneficiaries as partners supporting Ghacem to add their quota towards national development and further urged them to be ambassadors by spreading the good news of Ghacem’s benevolent deeds.

Benny Fiifi Ashun, Head of the Ghacem Cement Foundation Secretariat who doubles as the Marketing & PR Manager of Ghacem announced the opening of the cement application for the year 2021/2022.

Two types of application exist: To rehabilitate an existing structure that needs work to be done and for new structures the community has reached a lintel level that needs support.

Procedure includes: Original application letter from the Head of Institution (The Head Teacher/Master, Doctor-in Charge or Medical Assistant/Administration and Head Midwife).

A Letter from the District Director of Education or Health. A Letter from the DCE or any Senior Government Official or Chairman of the Town Development Council or head of religious institution. Two pictures of existing structures to be rehabilitated to be endorsed by the Director of Education/ Health and add expected completion time for project after the cement has been donated.

Applicants are to apply for one project at a time.

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