The General Secretary of the Association of Charismatic Churches has hit back at Ambassador designate for Holland Tony Aidoo who sought to mock Archbishop Duncan William's prayer for God to halt a slump in the economy and to arrest the cedi from further depreciation.

Rev Titi Offei said the former Deputy Defence Minister under the Rawlings regime and government's head of the Monitoring and Evaluation  under the Mills regime did not have to ridicule the Archbishop even if he disagreed with his faith and the manner in which he expressed it.

Tony Aidoo said the Archbishop provided "comic relief" with his prayer and went ahead to chastise religion which he said has become the refuge for the lazy minds.

On Joy FM's Ghana Connect Programme, Friday, Titi Offei believes Aidoo's comments were at best hypocritical.

He did not understand why Tony Aidoo did not have any  problem with the late President John Mills inviting pastors to the Castle every morning for prayers. Neither did he have any problem with politicians running to churches and to pastors for prayers prior to elections only to turn away from the pastors when they win power.

He said it's unfortunate for Aidoo to ridicule a pastor who prayed for the economy and the cedi, when he (Aidoo) looked on when the Ghana flags were lifted in prayers, when politicians prayed for rain to fill the Akosombo Dam.

"Political leaders believe in the power of prayers when in opposition, but when they win, they question the same power that brought them into power," he said on phone.

A blogger, and an activist for Youth and Governance Golda Addo who was also on Ghana Connect  disagreed with Rev Titi Offei.

Even though she believes in the existence of God, she is convinced the role of Christianity has been over exaggerated.

She also found it "amusing" that a case of plummeting economy and currency will be subject of spiritual discussion.

She challenged pastors to live what they preach.

A spare parts dealer at Abossey Okai Eric Crentsil who bears the brunt of the depreciating cedi called for both spiritual and physical intervention to redeem the economy from its doldrums.

He is convinced however that the measures announced by the Bank of Ghana will have little effect.

Rev Odame Ansah who is with the Grace House Chapel, insisted Duncan William's prayer was by no intent a substitute to hard work.