Ghana Connect on Friday asked if it was right to use tax payers’ money to provide accommodation, house helps, cooks, security guards and other benefits for public officials.

Host, Evans Mensah, and his distinguished guests both in Ghana and abroad discussed the issue that has resurfaced after revelations that CHRAJ boss, Lauretta Lamptey, spent more than she is entitled to by law on her accommodation.  

Government announced this week it has secured funding from the Japanese government to compile and maintain an inventory of state buildings to facilitate its effective management to prevent future abuse by public office holders who are often assigned these properties.

But can this move really check abuse in a country where adherence to rules is thrown to the gutters? What will change with knowledge of buildings that belong to the state in a country where corruption and allegations of corruption is common?

Development Practitioner, Maxwell Ashong, active member of the OccupyGhana Campaign group, Bridgette Dzorgbenuku, social activist Kwame Onyina and musician, Kwame 'A-Plus' join in to dissect the issue on Joy FM.

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