President John Dramani Mahama says the peace and stability the nation has been enjoying in the whole of Africa shows Ghana has been in safe hands under his watch. 

He said the destiny of the country is in the hands of Ghanaians and the decision they take on December 7 will determine the direction of their future.

The President who is seeking a second term in office pleaded with teeming supporters of the party at the last Regional rally at the Accra Sports Stadium to come out early in their numbers on December 7 to vote. 

Addressing them in Hausa, Twi, Ewe, Ga and English, he said although victory is already theirs, they should not be complacent. 

Opening his speech with the popular gospel song 'Unto the Lord be the glory' by Monica Boakye Agyemang, he remembered the 'comrades of the party' who have passed on to glory for their contribution to making the party what it is today. 

He singled out Dr Mrs Mary Grant as well as thank the late Prof John Evans Mills for his guidance, trust and support while he praised the founder and former president Jerry John Rawlings.  

Mr Mahama who has been in the Northern, Eastern and Ashanti Regions on Monday spoke of the achievements of the party emphasising that with such development Ghanaians only have to give him another chance to continue.

While thanking Ghanaians for giving him the opportunity to serve as President, he noted that the past four years had been one fraught with challenges which is normal with governments around the world but stressed he was grateful for the support of his team they were able to overcome.

“We have been through trying and challenging times over the last four years. Over the last four years, I have given off my best as President of this great public and also as the candidate in the lead up to Wednesday’s elections. The rest is in the people of Ghana and the will of the almighty God.” 

The President who earlier in the day cut the sod for the expansion of the Kumasi International Airport, as well as inspected ongoing works on the Kejetia Market in the Ashanti Region, said he has ensured several sectors has seen development across the country. 

“The choice we face in this election is simple. To stay the course and forge on with determination and consolidate all the gains we have made over the last four years or we give up and begin again of which we have no guarantees of success but just the oral assurances of a small group of is a choice for Ghanaians to choose from the two," he noted. 

“It should not be said that we cannot pursue a task to its logical end because we are lured by the unanchored promise of change. We will be a like a flattering flag that changes direction with every shift of the wind. We have undertaken structured reforms based on pragmatic advise. Everything we have achieved, we have achieved as together as Ghanaians,” Mr Mahama added. 

Best campaign

The President who described this year's campaign as "the campaign I have ever experienced in my life" thanked all the supporters of the party for their numerous contributions.

He extolled the virtues of the selfless contribution of their supporters, volunteers and activists on the field who have slept rough over the months spreading the message of the NDC for a job well done. 

“I can proudly say that in government we have made you proud with our achievements. At the same time, we have not been complacent, on the campaign trail we have fought this election as if we are in opposition. We have covered every blade of grass and covered every nook and cranny," he said.  

Speaking amidst wild cheers from the supporters, he said the "NDC is the most united, dedicated, committed, beautiful, brotherly party in the political temperament of Ghana."


"I cherish every single moment that I have served as your president and I will continue to do so. I humbly ask for your mandate on Wednesday's December 7, 2016, to complete the journey which we all started together," he pleaded.

The President said claimed the victory in the upcoming election for himself and the NDC as a party. 

Talking about the enviable record Ghana has as the beacon of peaceful elections in Africa, he said, "it shall not be my portion that under my watch as president Ghana was consumed in violence…Ghana will continue to be peaceful..we shall do everything to protect the peace of Ghana."

He lamented the false picture painted of happenings by his opponents as fertile grounds for disputing the election when they lose the elections.

President John Mahama ended his speech with a quote from the book Joshua 1 verse 5.