Renowned Private Legal Practitioner, Samson Lardy Anyenini has stated that Ghana has good laws which seem useless because they are not implemented to resolve issues for which they are promulgated.

“In my many years of practice, you ask me how much faith I have in the law, I’ll tell you very bluntly, that the Law is good but to the extent that it remains on paper in this country, mostly, is useless,” he said.

He was contributing to discussions on the Super Morning Show, Monday, on the recent surge in the number of teenage pregnancies recorded in the country.

During the show, Mr Anyenini, who is also host of The Law on Joy News, bemoaned the failure by duty bearers to use the laws in protecting victims of rape/defilement as well as ensure that culprits are dealt with accordingly.

He cited for instance that, the laws of the state have made adequate provisions for victims to be treated free of charge, yet doctors who have been paid to ensure that these victims are taken care of, supervise the payment of sums of money between to GH₵200 and GH₵500, which in some instances, victims cannot afford.

“When someone is violated, the law says they are supposed to be treated free of charge. Yet they are being charged for these things, and these people (victims) can’t afford the cost of treatment,” he said.

He said this creates a situation where victims have to rely on the violators to settle the cost of treatment, which often results in compromises.

He also revealed that sometimes, the law enforcers are complicit.

“There have been instances where experienced lawyers are telling us that Police officers are involved in trying to negotiate deals with violators.”

He, thus, charged duty bearers to ensure that the laws are enforced and entreated the general public to demand action from these state actors.

“Regardless of how I feel about the enforcement of the laws I’ll still advocate it and I’ll urge everyone to continue to advocate it. We should hold the duty bearers accountable, the District Police Officers in all the districts where all these young girls have been put in this very difficult circumstances, must be answering to a leader,” Lardy Anyenini stressed.

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