All is set of the 5th edition of the Ghana music awards UK. This is by far one event that will feature a lot of musicians, both old and new, gospel and secular, on the same stage.

The event is organised yearly to award Ghanaian musicians both in Ghana and the UK who have thrilled their fans with their works in the year of review.

Artistes who have already arrived include Gospel musicians Ohemaa Mercy, Efe Grace, Medikal and wife his wife, Fella, Akwaboah, Dope Nation, Mzbel Ypee and Ephriam.

Meanwhile, other musicians like Gyakie, Kofi Jamar, Kweku Darlington, Fameye, Wiyaala and a host of others are expected to arrive before Saturday’s event.

This year, the venue has also been changed to a much bigger venue to accommodate more patrons to have a great experience.

Last year, the event couldn’t happen due to the Covid Pandemic, hence patrons’ rush for the tickets.

Alordia and West Coast, organisers of the awards, said their reason for having almost 20 artistes from Ghana this year’s show is to give the UK audience the Ghana experience on stage.

Meanwhile, set designing and other final preparations are ongoing at the venue to enable them to achieve their aim of a great experience for the patrons.

This year’s event will start with the red carpet from 6 pm to 8 pm, hosted by Joy Entertainment’s Doreen Avio and Ibrahim Ben-Bako.

The main event will be hosted by entrepreneur Confidence Haugen.

The event is set to take place at the Royal Regency, 501 High street, Manor Park London, E12 6TH.

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