I have been a board member for the CSIR Institutional Review Board for over 4 years. Contributing my quota as a communications person I feel this is the time that I am most useful.

This is the time where the government has to be really serious with research.

Sitting in the various meetings and speaking to researchers at Noguchi scientists I was told government spending in research is not more than 10%.

The last time any proper investments were done in Nugochi was in 2009, 11 years ago. From the scientists I spoke with indications were that foreign organisations with their varied interests put money into their research and take away the data or breakthroughs.

It is time we got serious as a country. Set up a research fund to investigate various diseases including a possible vaccine for malaria.
Malaria is killing more children below 5, pregnant women, and older people, more than Corona.

Yes, I reckon this is a national emergency but as part of the short to medium term solutions in the health sector, we cannot do without research.

Set up a strong National Institutional Review Board where scientists can easily get permits to conduct research. If we want to make Ghana a pharmaceutical hub as we claim, then this is one of the ways.