Ghana is participating in the Intra-African Trade Fair event which is currently underway in Durban, South Africa. The fair, which started on 15th November 2021, focuses on the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) with a lineup of programs to bring different African trade and business stakeholders together.

It has over 55 participating countries.

There was a panel discussion today on “Accelerating the Automotive Sector in Africa”. The panel, which was anchored by CNN’s Elena Giokos (Connecting Africa), consisted of diverse personalities, including Ministers of Trade from Ghana, Rwanda, and South Africa, and the CEOs of Nissan, Toyota, and VW.

Herbert Krapa, Ghana’s Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, participated in this discussion, which shed light on the value of clearly defining all aspects of the complex automotive sector to create a regional value chain.

With VW and Toyota already having auto assembly plants in Ghana, Mr. Krapa had first-hand knowledge on the topic and stated the numerous benefits the automotive sector could provide to the African economy if the value chain is simplified.

Ghana participates in Intra-African Trade Fair 2021 in South Africa

He made a strong case for other African countries to emulate the ‘Ghana way’ of first putting in place a comprehensive automotive policy backed by legislation. That, according to Mr. Krapa, is “the surest way to harmonise our shared objective of an integrated and inclusive continental growth.”

IATF 2021, which ends on 21st November 2021, will give African businesses the platform to exhibit their products and services and allow investors to engage one another.

In light of this, Ghana hosted a roadshow by the IATF 2021 organizers to create awareness on the fair and advantages for local businesses, during which Mr. Krapa described the fair as an indispensable avenue through which many can access markets and relevant information regarding the AfCFTA.

There are currently about 48 Ghanaian small and medium-scale businesses exhibiting at the fair.

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