Ghana has been urged to take advantage of its economic and democratic stability to turn its economy around.

Thought Leader with Agile in the Core, an International Consortium Arie Van Bennekum tells JOY BUSINESS, Ghana can position itself as a ‘Knowledge Economy’ by selling knowledge to its neighbours.

For him, Ghana's stable democracy, buoyant economy present an opportunity for its people to focus.

This he says means, building businesses. He wants Ghana to adopt SCRUM in order to achieve this. Scrum he says would ensure the country moves radically in revolutionising its economy by encouraging ideas generation across the country.

The scrum concept promotes Self-managing teams, transparency, frequent inspection and adaptation and according to Mr. Bennekum, Ghana could accelerate its growth by taking full advantage of it.

 “For example, if the Ghana Chamber of Commerce could help potential entrepreneurs start a new company or an initiative by educating them, sharing their expertise with them and giving them guidance and supervision, it will go a very long way in helping the country grow more businesses.”

Ghana could turn its economy into a leading ‘service or knowledge’ economy, that helps other countries around with expertise in technology, or commerce for instance, for a fee he suggested.

“What I see in Ghana so far are a lot of entrepreneurship. However, most of these entrepreneurship activities are at low levels where people are engaging in business activities to essentially, put food on the table or take care of their daily needs.”

Government and the Chamber of Commerce for example he said should be able to “facilitate a platform where people can have lean start-ups which could culminate in the expansion of those businesses, based on technology.”