Ghanaians watch out! Pastor warns!

Charles Eric Kwaku Abbey a pastor of the Ghana Baptist convention church of Half Assini in the Brong Ahafo region is advising Ghanaians to shun their bad ways.

In an interview with Joy News, he says Ghanaians should try as much as possible to flee from their bad ways, otherwise, “tragedy will befall the land”.

He explains his words linking it to a book he claims to have written in 2008 with the help of “the ancestors of the land”. The book which he Titled: “All die be die” currently, cannot be found on any book shelf in Ghana because of monetary issues.

”After I wrote the story I showed it to my pastor and he suggested that we publish it and that the story was good. I changed the story into a manuscript, sent it to a couple of publishing houses but it never got the chance to see the day light”, he says

The book which he claims was published by his uncle in the U.S in 2010, is about two great men in a village. These two men fought themselves over power, at the end of which they died after killing themselves. When they both died, the land experienced darkness (tragedy)

Relating the book to the happenings today, he cautioned Ghanaians to know how to behave and address certain issues. He says “it is not good for us to be fighting over power. Power is there for those who want it but then if you are not in a position to have that power, don’t fight over it, do it in a way that will bring peace to yourself”

He said he felt that there is a need for him to get his message across Ghana when he realize that the book he wrote was not just a story but a Prophesy of doom from the ancestors of the land.

He says, “I want Ghanaians to know that this book is a prophesy of doom as well as prophesy of hope” he explains that the book is like a satire, “this is a book that was written by me through the ordination by the ancestors of the land and the situation revolving around the writing of the book, starting from an exercise book and a pen at the beach and the 7 weeks of writing without realizing it was a story, all indicates that this book is a prophesy”, he added

“When you read the book there you will get to know the solutions to the prophesy”, he says, and also noted that the NPP Flag-bearer Nana Addo Dankwa Akofo Addo’s famous speech “all die be die” which was widely talked about was caused by the same ancestors of the land who caused him to write the book.

“I believe that Nana Addo himself does not have any intention of making that statement all die be die, but it was the same spirit which inspired me to write my book that inspired Nana Addo to utter those words” he says.

Meanwhile Pastor Eric kwaku says he is keeping the other revelation given to him about herbal medicine. He wants to use it personally