Ghana’s Higher Commissioner to Malta, Barbara Akoukor Benisa, has launched an online passport application system for the Commission.

The system, launched on November 12, is meant to improve consular service delivery for Ghanaians abroad.

Delivering her remarks at the system launch, Barbara Benisa said the move is in line with the government’s digitisation policy.

She said this had precipitated the Foreign Affairs to roll out the online application and biometric passport systems across Ghana’s Missions worldwide.

In a press release by the Commission, Commissioner Barbara Benisa said the improvement of the efficiency of the High Commission through an effective consular service has been one of her agendas since she assumed office.

Ghana’s High Commission to Malta launches online passport application system

She revealed that “just after going live with the online application services, 30 applicants had submitted applications online for passports and had their passports issued.”

The leadership of the Ghanaian Association Union in Malta and Gozo and staff of the High Commission were present at the launch.

The commissioner assured the Ghanaian community and the people of Malta of its determination to continue to improve consular service delivery.

Currently, there are 200 Ghanaians with residence permits in Malta.

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