Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing, however, it comes with responsibilities. Men in our part of the world are mostly tasked with being the ‘provider’ of the relationship.

As a provider, they are expected to part with some cash to the lady they are in a relationship with for their upkeep.

Although this is an orthodox practice, Media personality, Jessica Opare-Saforo disagrees with it.

According to her, money should be the last thing that a man gives his girlfriend.

She explains in a Youtube video that the practice only damages the relationship.

Miss Opare-Saforo further broke it down into these four points;

  • She will never stop expecting

Here, the Media Personality explained that when a man constantly gives money to his girlfriend, the woman tends to become dependent on the man to “rescue her” anytime she experiences a financial crisis.

“If her parents are sick, she comes to you, if she needs school fees, she comes to you, if she needs fuel for her car she comes to you that is bad. If, every single thing that she needs she comes to you, it is because she has come to expect that you will be her provider every single step of the way.

“Now whether you are in a state of want or need she will still and always expect you to come through whenever she makes a request.”

  • She will leave when the well runs dry.

In this case, Miss Opare-Saforo explained that when a man splashes money on his girlfriend all the time, he eventually creates a monster. Thus, at any point in time, if the man should run out of money, the girl will leave to find a man who can provide her with the money.

“She’s started expecting and now it is not forthcoming anymore. She’s gotten so used to receiving money from you, and maybe you’ve lost your job or you are not in the position to give her money anymore. Guess what will happen? She will move on to the next person that will provide that function.

“When your well runs dry, she will go and find the next waterfall to bathe in,” Jessica stated.

  • You won’t leave her a better person

When a man does not learn to say no to his partner, but instead, readily gives money to the woman, she becomes too dependent on the male.

As a result, if the relationship collapses along the line, the woman cannot fend for herself without the help of a man. So she will go out there looking for a man who will give her money constantly.

“She is now used to relying on you 24/7, so now instead of going out there and figuring how to make her own money she will be reliant on the next guy.”

“So you are not actually making her better, you are leaving her worst off for the next guy just in case your relationship doesn’t go through.”

  • Money does not show commitment.

Some men tend to assume that all a woman wants is money so give her that and she will be forever loyal to you.

Well, Miss Opare-Saforo has this piece of advice for you.

“There are some women who are insatiable and it doesn’t matter how much you give her she will always look at other avenues to amass more wealth for herself. So for such persons, you might end up with a broken heart because sometimes when you get things in abundance you get greedy.”

Well, there you have it, so the next time you want to splatter money on your girlfriend think about this.

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