As part of governments desire to improve sporting performance in our Senior High schools and beyond, the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Dr Omane Boamah has donated 15 Footballs each to selected Senior High Schools in Accra.

The presentation ceremony was attended by various Heads of some Senior High Schools and their students.

In his address, Dr Boamah bemoaned the performances of athletes who represented the nation over the years and challenged students to do more to raise high the flag of Ghana.

He regretted the poor preparations of Ghanaian athletes ahead of major tournaments which he said culminated in these abysmal performances.

He also charged the various sports tutors to do no more to unearth talents as was the case in the past in order to propel Ghana sports forward.

He added that the donations were just the beginning and that Government intended to donate up to 39,000 to schools all over the country to help grow the sport of football.

“It is unfortunate we have not been able to make it in international competitions that is why it is extremely important for us to start preparations for upcoming competitions early and take them very seriously.

A country like Jamaica has only three million people and yet look at what they have been doing the last few years with the Bolts and the Blakes. If we put our minds to it, i don’t see why we can’t make it to the very top he stressed.”

A representative of the Minister of Education was also on hand to encourage the students and tutors to do more to raise the image of the nation through sports.


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