The headmistress of Association International School at the Airport residential area has accused city authorities of complicity in the construction of a 22-storey building in the area.

According to Audrey Doryumu, the Turkish developers do not have the permit to put up the edifice which is expected to house shopping malls and other facilities when completed.

The city authorities have, however, not done anything to stop the “illegal construction,” she said.

The headmistress also says all attempts by her school to stop the development have come to naught.

Already, the developers are in defiance of a court order, she told JoyNews on Monday. According to her, the court had ordered them to halt operations.

“But they are still constructing,” she lamented.

She also accused the developers of compromising the integrity of the roads in the area. 

“Deep cracks have developed on the road and they have also blocked half of the road. Our students have to find alternative routes to school and parents have been inconvenienced as a result,” she said.

The pit being dug by the contractors has also caused cracks in their buildings, she says.

According to her, several calls on the local assembly to intervene have proved futile. She tells JoyNew, her sources at the assembly say authorities got a call from the seat of government, Jubilee House not to interfere.

She said their lawyers are still on the case.