Government will soon begin selling 15 and 20 years bonds specifically to finance infrastructure projects in the country.

The sale of these long-dated bonds by government is part of plans to reduce the country’s heavy dependence on donors and local banks for infrastructural projects.

Finance and Economic Planning Minister, Seth Terpker, told Joy Business his outfit is analysing how these bonds would fare on the market before issuing them.

He notes that a careful analysis of the long-dated bonds market will guide government towards making the best returns on them.

But economist Dr. Joe Abbey believes issuing such long-dated bonds to finance the country’s infrastructural projects is long overdue.

He however cautioned government to ensure proper management of such long-term bonds.

He also asked government to ensure that it manages Ghana’s macro economy well else potential investors may perceive the country as a risky customer.

He noted that Ghana’s current macro economic situation does not look good and urged that more work be done to upgrade the current situation.