There was anger in court today when the Judge sitting on the tier-2 pension dispute between 12 labour unions and government was forced to adjourn the case for the third time this year.

Justice Saeed Kwaku Gyan was obviously scandalized when Lawyer for the Bank of Ghana, Samuel Cudjoe, told the court he could not move their motion today because he had no prior knowledge of Monday's hearing.

Joy News' Fred Smith reported Samuel Cudjoe as saying, he only heard about the hearing on radio but has not received any official notification from the court.

The twelve labour unions were jointly sued by government for proceeding on strike without due process.

The government among other things is asking the court to declare that it is indeed the employer and has powers to appoint a trustee to manage the tier two pension funds of workers, a claim workers have been quick to challenge.

Whilst responding to the claims of government, the workers also issued a counter claim, asking the court to compel the Bank of Ghana to disclose details of the tier 2 pension funds lodged with the bank.

The workers suspect the tier two pension funds have been tampered with but the Bank of Ghana filed an application seeking to dismiss the counter motion filed by the labour unions.

The court, having decided on a hearing date was supposed to notify the Bank of Ghana, a responsibility to be carried out by the bailiff.

On two occasions, however, the bailiff failed to serve the Central Bank, Samuel Cudjoe told the court when he appeared on Monday.

He prayed the court to adjourn hearing by which time  he would have received the formal service by the court.

The judge was incensed by the conduct of the bailiff  and reprimanded him in open court.

He reluctantly adjourned hearing but warned he will not tolerate such improper service in the future.