Graduate unemployment to go up – Prof. Aryeetey

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Legon, Prof. Ernest Aryeetey has predicted a rise in graduate unemployment in the country.

Speaking at the launch of a report by the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) on Ghana’s economic outlook, Prof. Aryeetey who is also an economist, said 50 percent of university graduates will be jobless two years after their national service; whilst 20 percent will use the three-year period after national service looking for jobs.

He said more than 20,000 students graduate from the various tertiary institutions in the country every year, and it is believed less than half of them get employed.

Though concerns have been raised about the school curricula mostly running contrary to the demands of the job market, Prof. Aryeetey told Joy News the universities cannot be wholly responsible for finding a solution to graduate unemployment in the country.

“There are two sides to the problem, we supply labour, somebody has to demand the labour. You are not going to deal with the problem by looking only at the supply side, the supply side is what we (the universities) deal with; somebody else has to concern himself or herself with the demand side, and it includes not just the government, (but) also the private sector.”

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