In the wake of the recent train collision between Huni Valley and Koranteng in the Western Region which claimed a number of lives, the Ghana Railway Company (GRC), is to acquire a modern communications systems to enhance message delivery.

The accident was attributed to a break in communication between the two trains. It also injured 12 persons who were rushed to the Tarkwa hospital for medical treatment.

Meanwhile, a six-member committee has been appointed by the management of the company to investigate the cause of the accident.

The committee members are all from the company. It is chaired by Mr Kwame Boadi Amofah, acting Deputy Managing Director-Engineering. It will start sitting tomorrow and has two weeks to present its report.
Speaking to the Times after a visit to the accident scene, Prof Christopher Ameyaw-Akumfi, Minister for Harbours and Railways, said the accident happened partly due to frequent stealing of the communication cables.

He said a new radio communications system which costs about $120,000, will immediately be acquired and installed for the Western line. The Tema-Accra line already has one.

Prof Ameyaw-Akumfi said over 150 people are at the scene removing the wreckage and that he has directed the management of the company to double the daily ration of workers to enable them to expedite action to restore the line by tomorrow.

He has also directed the company to pay hospital bills of those admitted at various hospitals, as well as to assist bereaved families of those who perished in the accident.

Rufus Okai Quaye, the Managing Director of the Company, said that the company had been working with obsolete block system, where only one train can pass on a line at a time.

He said before a train had to be dispatched on the same line, the two station masters at separate points have to talk to each other, adding that a collision of this nature can happen only when there is a break in the communication system.

The MD said in such situations “you do not dispatch any train until you send your pilotman to find out whatever the problem it is. The other pilot also does same and in so doing, the two will meet at a point and decide on who moves first.”

In the case of this accident, he said it could be that either the two trains entered the line without authority or one did it without a signal.

Mr Quaye, appealed to people living along rail lines to desist from boarding cargo trains and also assured that efforts are being made to bring back the passenger wagons.

Source: The Ghanaian Times


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