Green Gratitude, a local not-for-profit organisation has committed to the welfare of frontline workers in the Covid-19 fight.

The organisation extended a hand of support to doctors and nurses at the Covid-19 treatment centre at the El-Wak Stadium in Accra. 

The NGO has decided to provide at least one hot meal to the frontline staff at the facility for the next two weeks.

The gesture comes on the heels of similar support recently extended to other health professionals at the Covid-19 treatment centre at the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) by Green Gratitude. 

Green Gratitude supports Covid-19 frontline health workers at El-Wak

Making the presentation, the founder and Executive Director of Green Gratitude, Russell Banful, says his decision to support the welfare of doctors and nurses in the fight against Covid-19 is borne out of the near-death experience he went through after being infected with Covid-19. 

After being moved from the 37 Military Hospital to the El-Wak Treatment Centre and subsequently to the UGMC, Russell thought would succumb to the virus.

But according to him, “the efforts and dedication of the doctors and nurses at these treatment centres ensured that I lived to tell my story.” 

“I am forever indebted to these gallant men and women at our treatment facilities and the least I can do is to help ensure that they are comfortable in discharging their duties whilst at post,” he said.

“This support from Green Gratitude” Russell further adds “is to help ensure that our frontline workers are adequately catered for as they sacrifice their time and energy to take care of other Covid-19 patients.” 

Green Gratitude supports Covid-19 frontline health workers at El-Wak

Green Gratitude, set up by Russell who also doubles as the Managing Director of Brandflow Limited after his ordeal at the Covid-19 treatment centres, will primarily serve as a driving vehicle to organize and raise support for frontline workers in the fight against Covid-19 for the time being.

However, the NGO has a bigger goal of extending support to the general healthcare system in the country in the longer term. 

Ghana’s confirmed Covid-19 case count is currently around 33,000 with 29,801 recoveries and 168 deaths.

The country’s relatively lower number of deaths has been attributed to its robust testing regime and the exceptional efforts and dedication exhibited by its frontline workers.