GRASAG, TTAG, USAG and GUPS have secured an interlocutory injunction against a National Union of Ghana Studies (NUGS) Awards and Homecoming programme slated for October 11, 2013.

The heads of the NUGS sub-groups say the injunction was necessitated by the refusal of the national officers of NUGS to agree to dialogue and inform them about details of the awards.

Heads of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG), Trainee Teachers Assocation of Ghana (TTAG), University Students Association of Ghana (USAG) and Ghana Union of Professional Students (GUPS) are automatic members of the National Executive Committee of NUGS.

"Heads of the bloc must be informed and or consulted in every major decision of the union. On the 7th and 8 th of October, 2013, two meetings were held to resolve issues.  A press conference was aborted at the insistence of some of the national officers so as to dialogue on this issue", a statement from blocs said.

They say the purported awardees were not made known to them officially.

The criteria for selection has not been agreed and the content of the citations as demanded were not made known to the bloc heads.

"The gross disrespect of the structures of NUGS and the blatant disregard of the bloc heads by some of the national officers has made situations untenable", said the heads of the subgroups..

"We are embarking on this to bring sanity into NUGS and ensure that the leadership respect the structures and not their parochial interests.  We will work with competent leaders who respect the views of others and are ready to listen and lead Ghanaian students", they explained.