Crowd violence and notoriety seem to be on the rise in all tiers of Ghana football.

The latest incident of violence happened in a GN Bank division one league game involving Tamale Utrecht and Berlin FC on Wednesday in Tamale.

Gunshots were fired by the Police to separate rowdy fans who had wanted to attack the referee after the final whistle.

Coach of Tamale Utrecht Abdul Raheed suffered wounds to his left leg in the process and had to be rushed to the hospital.

“There were some few decisions which did not go well with the fans of Tamale Utrecht so there were threats all around the pitch that they were going to beat the referee after the game,” according to spokesperson  of Utrecht Seidu Mubarak.

“There were some few policemen on the pitch but before the game will end we saw an ambulance and cars full of Police personnel from town to the pitch, which clearly shows that there was a call for reinforcement and that infuriated the fans.

“Right after the game a fan went onto the pitch to attack the referee and that was where it all started as the Police went there to prevent the attack

“One of the Police personnel shot this rubber bullets which went into the legs of coach Abdul Raheed who was also trying to prevent the fans from attacking the referee.

“Some few supporters also got injured after the shooting.”

The match which was a match day eleven fixture of the GN Bank division one league ended 1-1.


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