A digital-based healthcare service system, Healthker, has unveiled Ghana’s maiden non-emergency ambulance service.

The ambulance service, an innovative scheme, forms part of Healthker’s efforts to make access to health services in Ghana an affordable hassle-free experience.

With the cost of an ambulance ride starting at ¢13 for up to a 50-kilometre trip, this is the cheapest ambulance system in Ghana at the moment.

Under the scheme, Healthker, which has partnered with over 100 ambulances across Ghana, it is ensuring that members of the general public can schedule and book an ambulance ride for themselves or loved ones.

This could be to or from the hospital for healthcare services such as patient transfer from one facility to the other, transportation for a diagnostic appointment (CT scan/MRI scan), doctor’s appointment, dialysis treatment, hospital discharge and physical therapy appointment.

Healthker also provides ambulances for your events as well.

To book an ambulance, one has to dial *447*178#, select Healthker and then follow the prompt or download the healthker app on android or the app store and select book an ambulance.

General Manager of RX Health, owners of the Healthker platform, Gertrude Emefa Badoe, said HealthKer was continuing to innovate to provide cutting-edge healthcare services to the Ghanaian public at the most affordable price ever.

She stated, “We are trying to disrupt the private ambulance service space by introducing our ambulance service at a price point which is even cheaper than taking a taxi for the same distance.

“The public wants quality ambulance service at a price they can afford and that is what HealthKer is providing with the introduction of its non-emergency ambulance service.”

She stated that continuous innovation and provision of hassle-free health services were at the heart of Healthker operations.

What Is Healthker?

Healthker is a platform that instantly connects patients and people with hundreds of health facilities including hospitals, pharmacies, ambulances, diagnostic centres, laboratories, optical and dental facilities all over Ghana.

HealthKer can then be used to book a consultation, request for an ambulance, estimate cost of healthcare, locate a health facility and conduct a diagnostic or laboratory investigation.

Healthker which was launched this year can also be used for purchasing drugs from licensed and trustworthy pharmacies all from the comfort of one’s home as well as request for an affordable Covid-19 test with the results being available in as little as two hours from the time of testing.

According to the General Manager, the rationale behind the application is the need to address the difficulties faced by many people in accessing healthcare in Ghana.

She explained that “When you and your loved one need a healthcare service urgently the stress involved in trying to find the right medication or health facility that offers the service you so desperately need can be draining and heart wrenching.

That is why we decided to develop HealthKer that instantly connects you with trusted and accredited health facilities such that within minutes you can find whatever you needed.

The General Manager stated that RX Health is an enabler and has put together hundreds of health facilities on the platform.

About RX Health

RX Health is a Ghanaian-owned healthcare technology company which has been operating for six years, providing services to health insurance firms and health facilities in Ghana, Nigeria, Angola and DRC.

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