Consultant Medical Lab Scientist at MDS Lancet, Rev. Kennedy Bentum has cautioned that the hepatitis B virus is more easily transmitted than the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

He said this on Prime Morning show in an interview with KMJ the Royal Host on Thursday, July 28, 2022, as the world marked hepatitis day.

According to Rev. Bentum, the hepatitis B virus in body fluids is about hundred times concentrated than HIV which makes it highly sexually transmitted.

“…It’s highly sexually transmitted and it’s known that its concentration at any point in time in body fluid; semen, blood and other body fluids is hundred times concentrated than HIV. So in actual fact, it is more easily transmitted than HIV,” Rev. Bentum stated.

He added that, “there are these people who go around with nail cutters and other things to do pedicure and manicure at home and if they handle someone who is hepatitis B positive and anybody who will go for the same service even after ten days and gets a cut will get the virus…”

He has however admonished that anyone who has been tested positive should frequently go for checkups so as to enable them to know other viruses that may be available in their system as well as get the necessary treatment.