The Upper East Regional Motor Traffic Transport Department of the Police service has provisionally charged the Deputy Regional Minister Daniel Syme with careless and inconsiderate driving for his role in a vehicular accident that claimed the life of one person and left another injured.

Regional commander of the MTTD, Daniel Kwao Tei says the minister was arrested when he reported himself to the police after the accident.

Family of the victims were accusing the police of covering up for the deputy minister who they claimed failed to stop after knocking the victims.

On Friday, angry youth charged at the office of the Regional Coordinating Council demanding for the arrest of the deputy minister.

Daniel Kwao Tei told Joy News the police treated the minister the same way they treat any ordinary citizen.

He said his vehicle was impounded, was duly cautioned and released on bail.

He explained the police are still investigating the matter after which they will forward the case to the Attorney Generals Department for advice.

He said the deputy minister will be appropriately charged after investigation into the accident is concluded.

Meanwhile the Deputy Upper East Regional Minister Daniel Syme is denying claims by eyewitnesses he attempted to run away after the accident.

In a rejoinder to, Mr Syme said: "It is, however, crucial to note that contrary your account, the accident occurred on a double carriage way rendering me unable to immediately turn back to the accident scene. Thankfully, a U-Turn was only a distance away and so I turned and drove back to the scene. I never intended to, and it would never have crossed my mind to runaway as alleged in the said account of the events.

"The records at the regional police MTTD will also bear me out that I personally reported the case immediately and have since availed myself for the associated due legal processes to which I fully commit myself till the case is concluded."

However the family has strongly rejected the explanation given by the Deputy regional minister. Brother of the deceased, Kyeka Abole said the deputy minister's vehicle was heading in the direction of the hospital when the accident occurred.

He found it hard to believe the minister would rather go and make a u-turn and face a different direction to town.