Hiplife legend Reggie Rockstone has taken to his Instagram handle to express his heartfelt appreciation to the Multimedia Group Limited ahead of ‘Celebrate’ on Friday, November 5, 2021.

Celebrate is a Joy Entertainment initiative that highlights Ghanaian musicians on five of its traditional platforms and their social media handles on a particular day.

The celebration of the Grand Papa of Hiplife on Joy Entertainment marks the 5th edition of the initiative that aims to highlight artistes and music of Ghanaian origin.

This November, Joy entertainment celebrates a pioneer, a legend who gave birth to the whole Hiplife genre.

Yaw Asante, the Oseikrom President as music fans also call him, takes centre stage this Friday across all Joy Entertainment platforms, JoyFM, Joy Prime, JoyNews, Hitz FM, and myjoyonline.com.

Fans can also catch up with the celebration on all Joy Entertainment social media pages.

In a post sighted on Instagram by the Joy Entertainment team, Reggie Rockstone expressed his excitement for the honour accorded him. As though we had asked him ‘ɛyɛ wo dɛ anaa’?

Reggie, who has a “solid body of work” and believes “we will go back and come forth”, said, “Thanks, folks, feels good, I appreciate you all”.

Join in celebrating the Legendary Hiplife Originator, Grand Papa Reggie Rockstone. Call in on all our radio and TV shows on Friday, November 5 and request your favourite Reggie Rockstone song or share a memory.

Follow Joy Entertainment on all social media platforms for updates and more info.

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