Chief Executive Officer of FBN Bank Ghana, Victor Y. Asante

The Chief Executive (CEO) of FBNBank Ghana, Victor Yaw Asante says he declined two promotions from the Universal Merchant Bank (UMB) for Standard Chartered Bank (StanChart) Bank to explore his capabilities and strengths.

Speaking on Joy FM, the CEO recalled that “when I wanted to leave Merchant Bank, Bliss Amankwah was then the MD, he tore my resignation twice and said no I can’t go. And so finally I had to do it by email. Stanchart was then the mecca of banking I have to say.

“Their swag was slightly better than yours you realise that they went to places like Kenya, Uganda, South Africa. Their training was different and that was completely true.

“He said no, we are going to build a new bank and I want you to stay, I said okay but I still want to go. He said look how much are they giving to you and I said no it’s not about the money.

“I mentioned the amount Stanchart was giving me, then he took out a letter from the pocket of his jacket, the letter included two promotions he had given me; he had made me a full manager and a salary matching Stanchart. He said ‘take it, we have closed here’. I couldn’t sleep.”

The CEO added that one of the best times in his life was working with Stanchart Bank.

According to him, although he deferred the opportunity at UMB he was grateful for the opportunity to learn and be a better man.

Mr Asante made this disclosure in an interview with Lexis Bills on Personality Profile on Thursday, June 3.

He encouraged all to take risks in life because that was necessary and provides life-changing opportunities.

“You know you have to always look out for the next challenge. I didn’t feel challenged there, you could see that you were missing something. Once you get to that stage there’s no stretch, it’s too comfortable.

“It’s better to go out there to get stretched, particularly at the early part of your career where you really need to make sure that you are training yourself and get yourself ready for the bigger times,” he added.

The businessman further advised employers to create a conducive environment for employees to grow and give off their maximum as that is one of his top secrets to success.

“You have to carry people along, in everything you do, it’s about people, you have to envision, you have to connect, you have to embrace, you have to empathise and you have to know what makes people tick, you have to understand what the issues of people are,” he said.