Blakk Rasta

Musician and radio presenter Blakk Rasta has revealed that for a period of 12 months he was not paid any salary while working at Zylofon FM.

Speaking on Showbiz A-Z, he explained that this happened when the media house’s parent company, Menzgold had its operations suspended.

Until then, Blakk Rasta revealed he was paid ¢10,000 a month for three months.

Unfortunately, after the issues with its embattled CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah escalated, there was hardly any money to keep the station running much less pay the employees.

“The salary came in the first, second, and the third month. The fourth month never came. For 12 months in a row, no salary came because of the MenzGold scandal.”

“We had nothing. We will go to work, sometimes I will be on the radio and I’ll be told in the next 30 minutes the station will go off because there is no fuel,” he told George Quaye, host of the show.

Blakk Rasta stated that what made their situation worse besides having “no food and no money” was the constant attacks aggrieved Menzgold customers would launch on them at every turn.

Asked how he survived for months without a salary Blakk Rasta revealed that he was fueled by the “passion and energy” he has for the job.

The artiste revealed he, however, did not have any intention to leave the station regardless of the struggles he was facing. This is because of a conversation he once had with his CEO in which Nana Appiah told him to consider the radio station as his “baby”.

“Nana Appiah Mensah told me one thing…He said that ‘this radio [station] is for you, it’s your baby. If you leave it, you’ve killed your own baby.

“In fact, at a point so many radio stations approached me with more than what NAM 1 gave me, I almost left, but when he told me this… we had to continue,” he told George Quaye.

He applauded his colleague Sammy Flex for helping keep the station running in spite of the rough times.