There have not been a lot of success stories of artistes managing other artistes in Ghana and perhaps that is why rapper, EL, says the last thing he wants to do is go into artiste management.

“I am not ready to go through all this drama that comes with managing another artiste. I have so many artistes knocking on my door to manage them but I am just not ready for that now.

The artiste told Graphic Showbiz on Thursday, April 25, although some of the artistes approaching him are very talented, he declines each request for management because there are a lot of things he wants to achieve in his music career.

According to EL, real name Elom Adablah, a lot of things go into artistes management which he is not ready to give up his career for.

Asked his view about the whole trend of artistes managing other musicians, he said the ungratefulness of some of these new artistes sometimes makes the famous musicians refuse to sign them on.

“Very few of them are grateful when you lift them up there. The majority forget that you have ever done something for them when they make it.

“Can you imagine an artiste putting his career on hold and helping another artiste only for that person to be ungrateful in future,” he quizzed.

He said all he does now is to give guidelines on how these new artistes can make it and linking them up with the right people.

“I have connected a few artistes I know are talented to other people who I believe can move their career to the next level. But for me to manage another artiste is a no no,” he said.

Although EL has been on the low for a while now he says he is working on some great tunes and in a few months, Ghanaians will experience him again.

“Sometimes you have to be on the low and cook something new for your fans. I have been around doing business and recording with great artistes across Africa,” he said.

The award-winning musician is known for songs like “Obuu Mo”, “Kaalu”, “One Ghana”, “Auntie Martha”, “Shelele”, “Mi Naa Bo Po”, “Koko” and “KaaBu Ame.”