Ghanaian musician, Kuami Eugene has said it is usually impossible for celebrities to defend themselves since they are not given the same platform they were destroyed on.

According to the young hip-life artiste, while it is easier for people to be defamed, opportunities to redeem one’s self is not easily presented.

Sharing personal experiences on JoyNews’ E Vibes with Becky, the 2020 Artiste of the Year at the recently held VGMA said, some rumours have the potential to destroy reputations although they may be false.

He said, without a platform to correct these misconceptions, many celebrities are seen or portrayed as persons they are not.

“What happens behind closed doors is what makes us look bad because they don’t make room for us to come out and explain ourselves.

“Maybe where he is speaking, I will probably not be there for the rest of my life, but he has already spoken there, and I can’t go about explaining myself to everyone out there,” he explained.

Touching on social media trolls and their influence on his career, Kuami Eugene said, it has become easier to endure being trolled since he understands that such people do not know him personally.

This, according to him, is because people who know him are less likely to judge or point out his flaws on social media.

“The people around me actually know and understand who I am. That is why whenever I come here, they accept me in good faith.

“But outsiders sit home and judge me, but I keep saying nothing has changed around me. I am still the same Kuami Eugene they know.”

He also revealed that he has put together several gospel songs which he is yet to release.