I have always imagined that the second coming of Jesus Christ will be something dramatic- as the sounding of the trumpet by angels, the earth trembling, people being taken to heaven in white robes and some left behind due to their numerous sins, the Lord sitting on His throne in a white long shining robe selecting the candidates for heaven. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I pictured it.

But interestingly, according to Queen Mary II, this is not the case. She claims the second coming of Jesus has actually happened but not the way you and I perceived it. Jesus has come already. Queen Mary II says, Jesus is right here in Ghana.

In an interview with joy news, Queen Mary who is originally called Helen Mason says that the Lord has called her to tell everybody who uses the holy bible to report to “the new Jerusalem kingdom” a place she claims could only be found through her.

She said for a very long time the Bible has not been in use and that it was closed. But now that the owner of the holy Bible is here (GOD) it has now being activated.

In a rather strange claim, she says all users of the Holy Bible especially Pastors and leaders of the various churches all over the world should report to her, insisting, she does not want the situation where anyone would blame her for not giving out the message she received from God.

“After I have been finally called by GOD, HE gave me the days of heaven calendar, and I will be working alongside GOD to build a church where everybody in the world would come and worship”

To many who may have doubt about who God is and where He resides, Queen Mary II claims GOD is here in Ghana and she is working with HIM in choosing 144 leaders out of the numerous church leaders to govern “The New Jerusalem Kingdom”

“I am not doing this for myself but it’s for GOD. HE sent me so if you don’t understand come and ask me” she says
When asked why GOD has not revealed Himself yet, she says “we are working on the new Jerusalem kingdom”.

This is a message from GOD himself so listen and obey she cautioned