John Jinapor, aide to the Vice President says equipments that were offloaded at the Tema Harbour over the weekend by the Korea STX shipping company has nothing to do with the controversial Housing project.

The Daily Graphic in its October 18, 2010 edition reported the offloading by the Korean vessel RoRo STX ChangXing Rose, of 458 assorted items including tipper trucks, construction equipments, saloon vehicles, excavators, forklifts, Hyundai 4X4 vehicles and bulldozers.

The paper conceded however that the Deputy Works and Housing Minister, Dr. Hannah Bissew, denied knowledge of the arrival of the consignment, but added the offloading could be a sign of the beginning of the STX project which has been shelved, at least until a contract between the government of Ghana and the STX Company has been signed.

Speaking to on Monday, Mr. Jinapor dismissed assertions that the equipments which were offloaded were meant for the construction of the 30,000 housing units.

He explained the said equipments were part of regular shipments done by the Korean firm to African countries but was not too sure who owned the contents of the consignment.

According to him, equipments for the housing deal will be shipped into the country only after a contract between STX Korea and the government of Ghana has been signed.

A signing ceremony scheduled for last month was aborted at the last hour after the two parties raised concerns over some legal matters.

The Attorney General’s office told Joy Business it has completed its due diligence on the contracts but it is not yet clear when pen will be put on paper for the commencement of the project.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/


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