Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, has commended Joy News for producing a series of documentaries that highlighted the poor state of the country’s land borders.

He said government will soon begin a project to address the security concerns raised in the film. 

Mr Dery made the comments when a Joy News delegation led by the Chief Operating Officer, Ken Ansah with the head of Joy News’ Security Desk, Gifty Andoh Appiah officially presented a copy of the film to the Ministry on Tuesday.


“This documentary that you have brought is going to help us enhance our effort [to secure Ghana’s land borders] and indeed, I can assure you that in due course you will see that the President will lead a programme that will make good on the concerns you have brought,” he said during a short ceremony in his office.

Porous Borders to Dery

For over a month, Joy News correspondents across the country were deployed to monitor the security situation at Ghana’s land borders and their reports culminated in the documentary.

Key among the security problems identified in the two-part documentary was the movement of aliens in and out of the country without proper checks.

This is regarded as a major security problem because of active incidents of terrorist attacks in Ghana’s neighbouring countries, particularly Burkina Faso.

Commenting on this security concern, Mr Dery said his ministry is taking firm steps to deal with the situation.

Porous Borders to Dery

“The trans-human challenge, which existed before he [President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo] came in,… is a multi-sectoral problem that has been worked out to the extent that clans have been established to try and keep them [aliens] and try to monitor them,” he said.

He revealed that the President is working hard to ensure that Ghana’s borders are secured from terrorists.

He mentions, for instance, a multi-national operation involving key security agencies from Ghana, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Togo aimed at preventing terrorist groups from entering Ghana and the partner countries illegally.

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