The Ghana Judicial Service has unveiled the country’s first Legal Web Library.

The Library is a result of a partnership between the Judiciary, the Judicial Service and the Council for Law Reporting with the support of the European Union through the Accountability, Rule of Law and Anti-corruption Programme (ARAP), implemented by the Spanish public foundation FIIAPP.

The web library is an online platform that provides a comprehensive collection of national legislations, judicial decisions and supporting rules and regulations and judicial commentaries accessible to judges, magistrates, the Bar and all the actors working in the criminal justice sector. The launch ceremony was held at the Law Court Complex.

In her speech, Ambassador Acconcia highlighted “the fruitful collaboration between the European Union and the Judicial Service of Ghana”. 

The Ambassador emphasized how access to reliable and up to date legal information is one of the cornerstones of access to justice. In an increasingly digital world, it is of great essence for all justice sector institutions to have a web-based library which will enhance prompt access to legal documents.

The Chief Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah outlined that “the launch of the web-based library today is another step forward in our ongoing efforts to harness technology to improve the delivery of justice in the country”.

The Chief Justice added that “previous efforts such as the Electronic Case Management System, Electronic Case Distribution System and the current e-Justice System are also evidence of our commitment to the achievement of this aim. Through technology, we intend to play our expected role of making justice accessible to all who need it”.

Easy access to legislation, judicial decisions, supporting rules and regulations as well as judicial commentaries is a critical precondition for effective access to justice. 

Limited or no access to relevant and up to date judicial decision and legislations significantly affects the overall outcome and timing of judicial decisions and adjudication, especially for the most vulnerable segments of society.

In this regard, this Legal Web Library will provide speedy and wide access to current and retrospective information contents such as Constitutions of Ghana since independence, laws, Acts of Parliament, Legislative, Executive and Constitutional Instruments, legal textbooks, legislation, Treaties and Agreements, and  International Law related materials and foreign resource such EUR-LEX or material from Commonwealth institutions, and other law resources deepening and democratising access to justice.

The shift to a digital library not only extends access to key legal knowledge, but it also enhances its effectiveness and efficiency. The information and volumes provided in this library will be up to date and reliable, while it can also be searched more efficiently.

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