A video of a Kenyan priest blasting top politicians including President Uhuru Kenyatta over their handling of the country’s affairs has been widely shared on social media.

Those commenting praised Rev Sammy Wainaina, the provost of the All Saints Cathedral in the capital Nairobi, for “speaking truth to power”.

In his Sunday sermon, Rev Wainaina criticised an ongoing campaign to change Kenya’s constitution that will see the post of a prime minister and deputies reintroduced in the executive arm of government.

He said the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) would not solve the country’s urgent problems like unemployment and poverty.

“We have money for BBI which will only benefit a few people at the top, the kingpins… but we have no money to build schools, then our children [are forced ] to learn under trees,” he said.

“Let me remind Kenyans that when your tribal man becomes the president or takes the five top seats, you will remain poor,” he added.

But he saved his most stinging criticism for President Kenyatta, who recently said that Kenya was losing more than two billion shillings ($18m; £13m) a day to corruption.

“What are you telling Kenyans when you confess that? That you are defeated? Who will then save this country if the president cannot save us?” he asked.

“Mr president, you have the ethics and anti-corruption commission, you have the director of public prosecutions, you have the national intelligence service, you have every government machinery at your disposal.

“Either the government knows who is stealing the Kenyans’ money, or the government is part of the stealing?” he said, adding that he would no longer host politicians in his church.

The BBI proposals have deeply divided the country and heightened political campaigns in the country.

Politicians opposing and supporting the initiative have been criss-crossing the country to make their case to the public ahead of an expected referendum.