Efforts at reducing child and maternal mortality in the rural communities in Northern Volta have hit a snag due to the inadequate number of midwives in health facilities.

The situation is partly due to the failure of midwives to accept posting to these communities over the years.

An attempt by the Regional Directorate of the Ghana Health service to curb the situation by establishing a midwifery institution at Kete-Krachie is also facing massive infrastructural deficiencies.

The institution which was established in 2011 has remained largely uncompleted forcing officials to turn the Kete-Krachie community centre into lecture halls of the midwifery.

Some rooms at the community centre are currently being used as Dormitories for the over 184 students.

Classrooms of the Community Technical Training school nearby are also being used by final year midwifery students as their lecture halls.

The training institute which hopes to admit more students in the coming academic year have only four tutors. 

Presently, the Principal of the midwifery, Mrs Ruby Panou Adom, said there is no space for dormitory and lecture halls for fresh students.

"This year we have added registered midwifery programme. Their number is even the largest- about  80 students in addition to Post basic programme. And we have only two lecture halls. We don't have a place to put them now. The second year's group are coming. I don't know where to put them. There is no hostel, no lecture hall. So it's a real challenge for me now as to what to do.''

Mrs Panou Adom was speaking  on the sidelines of a media launch of a support project of the Korean Foundation for International Healthcare(KOFIH) which the training institution is benefiting from.

KOFIH had provided a borehole at the permanent site of the midwifery.

The Volta regional Director of Health services Dr. Joseph Teye-Nuertey called for more support in terms of funds for infrastructural projects at the new site.

Dr.Teye- Nuertey said ''We believe that in the coming days and years we are going to see more structures spring up here. Actually, In 2012, the ministry informed us that they were going to put up a classroom block for the school. My information is that the contract was awarded, but funds have  not been provided."

"….We are still hopeful that funds will be provided soon. This is a school which has nothing at all. I think that it is about time  funds are found for that project."