The authorities of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital have said they had not defrauded any staff in the acquisition of a parcel of land.

A statement from the Hospital on Thursday said the purchase of the land was legitimate and transparently done and without any profit to any management member.

The statement was in reaction to a story from a writ filed by a section of the workers at the hospital at an Accra court claiming that Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng the Chief Executive and six others had defrauded them in the land transaction.

According to the statement some staffers introduced the family that sold the land to the management of the hospital which was to be the mediator in the land purchase.

“All the necessary precautionary measures and due diligence were done before Korle Bu entered into the purchase agreement with the owners of the land. The land in question is intact with the layout and the necessary demarcations already done.”

The statement said the processing of the individual delayed because a portion of the land had been wrongly allotted to someone but the problems has been resolved, adding that the authorities were working with the family to finalize the documentations and transfer of the title to Korle Bu for distribution to the individuals.

It asked beneficiaries to remain patient while the documentation process was completed when individual would receive the pieces of land.

Source: GNA


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