A young independent candidate is seeking to cause an upset in the Kwesimintim Constituency in the Western Region with a day to go for the 2016 elections.

Richard Kwame Amissah, 34, commandeered several hundreds of youth in his constituency for a walk on Sunday as part of his last campaign strategy to galvanize support for his candidature.

He comes up against the NPP's Joseph Mensah and the NDC's Augustine Arthur both of who are front runners in the election.

Interestingly, none of them is the incumbent. Even though the seat is held by the NPP's Joe Baidoo Ansah, he was defeated in a fiercely contested primary by Joseph Mensah, a defeat which had to be confirmed by a court.

But Mr Amissah is unfazed by the strength and popularity of his adversaries and their parties. Filled with a desire to change the fortunes of the youth in his constituency and to inculcate in them the need to be educated, the young IT consultant is chronicling a number of educational policies he would implement if elected.

He has promised a change in the health and educational needs of his constituents. He promised to team up with other IT gurus to design a software that will promote e-learning in his constituency.

He has also vowed to provide scholarship schemes to sponsor brilliant but needy pupils to enable them to realise their dreams.

With the youth being his biggest fan base, Mr Amissah is also eager to use sports as an avenue to empower the youth.

He has since organised a gala football tournament which was competed for by 16 teams in the Kwesimintim constituency and its environs.

He also organised a health walk across the principal streets of Kwesimintim in the Western Region which was well patronised by the youth.

Wearing the Richard Amissah T-shirt the youth walked around, singing and chanting in support of their young MP in the making, they said.