The Director of Electoral Services at the Electoral Commission (EC) says his outfit has made provisions for the vulnerable, pregnant women and lactating mothers on December 7.

Speaking on JoyNews‘ File on Saturday, Dr Serebour Quaicoe emphasised that such people need to be given preferential treatment to cast their vote.

“By training, we have said that people identified in the ‘vulnerable’ group should not join a queue. These include pregnant people, lactating mothers, old ladies and old men,” he said.

According to him, persons with visual impairments have been taken through adequate training on how to cast their votes when they get to the polling station.

“We have taken them through a lot of training on the use of the tactile jacket so once you are taken to there (polling station), you will be helped to the booth, and be given your jacket and ballot paper to vote independently,” he explained.

He, however, observed that getting interpreters at the polling stations will be a challenge for the commission because “we don’t have records of on where people with hearing impediments are located.”

“The law allows such people to go the polling stations with their assistants who should be at least 18-years and a Ghanaian who can help you to vote,” he said.

Dr Quaicoe concluded that should a person fails to show up with a trusted person, a presiding officer may assist.

“The law enjoins that you are assisted by the presiding officer but you cannot come there to appoint a party agent to vote for you because it will flout the secrecy of the ballot.”