Lesotho coach Leslie Notsi has denied reports suggesting a conspiracy against Ghana to aid fellow Southern African team Zambia to qualify for the last round of the 2014 FIFA World Cup ahead of the Black Stars.

Coach Notsi is reported to have stated he was going to make things difficult for Ghana this Sunday in Maseru after 4-0 defeat to Zambia in Ndola last Saturday.

But in an exclusive interview with Joy sports, he vehemently denied making such claims

“When we played Zambia on March 24 I was told there were reports going round in Ghana saying we have planned against Zambia to help them qualify ahead of Ghana because Zambia is in the southern region same as Lesotho” said Coach Notsi

“But that never happened, it was just unfortunate we didn’t win our match against them but we were pushing so hard and we drew with them.

“We are building a team here and that we will not engage in any act that will dent our image, so for as to play teams like Ghana and Zambia and do well is good for us.”