A Liberian man walked into the country's health ministry offices Wednesday and set(link is external) the second floor wing on fire after reportedly losing a family member to the Ebola virus. 

According to reports(link is external), the man held the government responsible for the death of his relative, claiming they were not equipped to handle the disease. Government officials in Monrovia say(link is external) they are still investigating what happened. 

Liberia's Ministry of Health and Social Welfare posted this picture of the building to its website and Facebook page:


According to the World Health Organization, the Ebola virus has claimed the lives of more than 600 people in West Africa since the start of the outbreak in February. More than 120 of the deaths have been in Liberia. It is reportedly the largest outbreak in Ebola history. 

On Wednesday, it was reported that the leading Ebola doctor in Sierra Leone contracted the disease. The news of Dr.Sheik Umar Khan, who treated 100 Ebola patients, shocked many online and left many others discussing the virus' spread.

Currently, there is no cure for the Ebola virus, which has a fatality rate of up to 90 per cent. Doctors and health workers have been stationed in affected areas since the outbreak, but some are calling for more to be done.