Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah was among scores of people who gathered on the premises of the Multimedia Group for a remembrance service in honour of the late General Manager of Joy Brands, Elvis Kwashie.

He joined staff of the company, friends and family of Elvis for the service on Wednesday.

The Information Minister highlighted the exemplary leadership skills Elvis exhibited during his days at the JoyNewsroom and entreated all, especially the staff who worked under him, to keep his memory alive by emulating his good works and living the legacy he left behind.

“Elvis did not start off as a boss. Around 2007, 2009, we all shared a common boss. But I think what has worked for Elvis over the years, which we all must take away is the value system which he kept faith with and which he has passed on to the younger generation.

“Our best testimony will not be the tears or the pain, or the words but to live that value system so that the future generation can also pick it from us,” he added.

He further reminded all present at the event of the need to lead exemplary lives since everyone will be remembered for the lives they lived.

“As we all sit and listen to all the testimonies about Elvis, I think it should be clear to all of us that someday we will all pass.

“And there will be an opportunity for people to share with the world, what we meant to them. The real question is what we’ll be remembered for and what is the value system that we have left behind?” he said.

The seasoned media professional, Elvis Kwashie, passed on in the late hours of Tuesday, December 28, 2021, after a short illness.

According to an internal memo by The Multimedia Group, the sad incident occurred at the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC).

At the service, the family spokesperson Joshua Dzidzorm announced that the funeral rites for the late Elvis Kwashie will begin from February 18 to 20, 2022.

“There will be no wake-keeping, but the funeral will be held in February on the 18th and 19th,” he said.

Giving further details, he indicated that on February 18, the family will be gathering at his residence. “And we’re inviting all friends and well-wishers to be there with us,” he said.

“And on the 19th, the funeral will be held at a venue yet to be announced,” he added.

He further noted that after the funeral, the family will send his corpse to Asalame, the village, for burial on February 19.

A thanksgiving service will also be held for him on February 20, at the Church of Pentecost English Assembly at Mataheko.

“From there, we’ll go back to the house to conclude everything,” he stated and added that further details will be communicated soon.

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