Available statistics show there is generally a poor response to registration of marriages in the Ejura-Sekyedumase District, a predominantly maize and yam growing area.

Between May 2003 and the third week of August 2010, only 108 marriages had been registered under Customary Marriage, (Registration and Divorce) PNDC Law 112.

Mr Nelson Marfo, the Registrar of Marriages in the district, identified inadequate information and education as the major factor for the disinterest.

PNDC Law 112, which came into effect in 1985, aims at giving more protection to women and children.

Mr Marfo said it was important that couples took advantage of the law to regularize their relationships.

He added that such registration provides proof of marriage and in the event of one of the partners dying intestate, the surviving spouse would enjoy his or her full share of the estate of the deceased, as provided for by the “Intestate Succession Law, PNDC Law 111.

Source: GNA