Independent presidential aspirant Kofi Koranteng has stated that Marricke Kofi Gane abandoned Independent Aspirants’ Coalition because he was chosen to contest as a running mate.

Speaking on JoyNews’ Prime Morning, he said the management consultant Marricke Gane also known as Kofi Ghana was not pushed out of the party.

“The independent candidates who had authority over everything said they want Kofi to lead,” he added.

He said the issue of Marricke Gane leaving was purely based on issues of principles.

“When you decide that you are going to do this as a family, that’s what you stick with,” he stated.

“You should always have a consciousness of building a consensus. You should always work by principle. He decided it didn’t work for him, so he left,” he said.

He believed that Marricke Gane had wanted the entire picking process to be based on debate and violated earlier agreements going in.

Regardless of current circumstances, he still sees an opportunity for two of them if he should return.

“It is still my hope that he comes and works with us even as a vice aspirant,” he said.