Actress Matilda Asare’s dream of producing high-quality historical movies about past heroes in Ghana and Africa has been set in motion as she begins putting together renowned filmmakers and stars for a motion picture about the life of the legendary Tetteh Quashie.

According to her, Africa is blessed with a great culture, rich in history and has great historical heroes whose stories deserve to be told to inspire the new generation.

She observes, however, that many contemporary filmmakers turn to overlook these stories and copy stories that depict the Western culture.

She said her film company, Zion Train Productions, will address this anomaly.

Tetteh Quashie is believed to be the man directly responsible for the introduction of the cash crop, cocoa, to Ghana and its widespread into other African countries.

In 1842, Tetteh Quashie brought the cocoa beans to Ghana from the Spanish colony in Fernando Po.

Today, cocoa has spread to a lot of countries and has become one of their economic backbones. It is in this regard, that Matilda Asare has decided to honour him by telling his story through motion pictures.

The movie is expected to be directed by the veteran multiple local and international award-winning film director, Frank Fiifi Gharbin (Director One), with assistance from Saeed Idris and Walker Bentil Boateng of the Genesis of Ashanti’s movie fame.

A star-studded cast and crew list are expected to be officially unveiled, followed by a press conference to kickstart the shooting of the movie in the coming week.